The Annual General Meeting

The Oundle and District Dog Training Society is a Kennel Club Registered Society.  The registration means that we agree to abide by the rules notified to the Kennel Club and pay an annual Maintenance of Title fee.

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for May each year. The meeting is chaired by the President or, in his absence, by a Vice-President. The meeting hears the Chairmans report for the previous year. The audited accounts are presented by the Hon. Treasurer and accepted as a true record of the previous years financial position.

The President and Vice-Presidents are elected at the AGM. The Society is unusual in that officers are re-elected every year but cannot serve in a particular office for more than three consecutive years (in the case of the Hon. Treasurer this can be extended in exceptional circumstances).  The committee is also elected at the AGM. The trainers are appointed by the committee so this takes place at a committee meeting following the AGM.

Annual Awards Book
Annual Awards Book
The list of Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Officers and Committee together with a copy of the audited accounts (the annual returns) are submitted to the Kennel Club after the meeting.

Annual awards are presented at the AGM. The trophies are kept for one year but all the winners have their names inscribed in the awards book which is kept in perpetuity. Some progress awards are kept by the recipients.




 The Ringcraft Awards

These depend on success at shows and regular attendance and progress at classes.

Junior Handling Book










The Obedience Awards

Slips are available on club nights for people to record and submit their wins.

Members are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting.


AGM 2014

Members and their AGM Awards 2014