Officers and Committee 2017/18

President Andrew Spurrell
Vice Presidents Peggy Brodie, Nick Park, Nita Spurrell, Peter Ward.
Chairman Peter Ward*
Vice- Chairman  
Hon. Secretary Fiona Stevenson*
Acting Hon. Treasurer Barbara Ward*. Assistant Gill Smurthwaite.*
Committee Peggy Brodie**
  Annette Coales**
  Carita Hills**
   Jayni James**
   Jon Jones**
 *Instructors  (ex-officio  Hilary Mears*
 Committee Members) David Orbell
(i.e. Committee Members by

Gill Smurthwaite*

virtue of their positions  Fiona Stevenson*
 as Instructors)  Rachel Wilcox*
 ** Trainee or  
Assistant Instructors