How To Join Us

Classes run on Wednesday evenings all year round apart from a few weeks over the Christmas/ New Year period. We do not have course start and finish dates so puppies and new dogs are always welcome.  The only prerequisite is that dogs are full vaccinated with conventional vaccines and the vet says they are ready to mix with other dogs.
Intake/Puppy Class 6.30pm until 7.15pm.
Siver/Gold Class 6.30pm until 7.20pm.
Follow on and Bronze classes 7.30pm until 8.15pm.  These may be combined.
Ringcraft 7.15pm until 8.15 pm.
Please check website and Facebook page for updates.

We are usually able to take dogs that have trained at other clubs but please e-mail or telephone with details.

Just in case there is a special event on, it is wise to check on website, Facebook page or by e-mail or telephone that the classes are running as normal on the day you wish to join. Also any specific questions will be answered. Please note that we are a voluntary organisation not a business so please do not leave messages on telephone or mobile as these will not be returned - just try later.  As we train in a rural environment it is sometimes necessary to cancel training due to weather conditions- always check the website for updates.

If you wish to join the Society please contact us by email or phone.  We need your contact details before you attend.  Info@, 01832 293432, 07557 989229.  

Please note we have directions to the venue, venue rules, Society rules, information about equipment needed and the courses followed on this website.

New members need to pay an annual membership fee of £10 single, joint or family.

Existing members need to renew their subscriptions in January unless they have joined since 1st November the previous year.  Please email an image of vaccination record when renewing subscriptions.  Fee £10 single, joint or family.

Each class costs £5 per dog. 

Download our Enrolment Form (PDF file) by clicking on the link below:-

alt Enrolment Form   


Golden Retriever ready for Training Class!
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