Supported Charities 

We have supported many different charities over the years but the following is one charity that members might like to participate in with their dogs once the current Covid crisis is behind us: 

The charity we are supported at our show in 2017 was PETS AS THERAPY DOGS or PAT Dogs. Find out more about PAT Dogs HERE

Owners of well behaved pet dogs can volunteer to to be PAT Dogs.  Dogs are carefully vetted in a number of different situations and must be fully vaccinated, wormed etc. Once approved dog and handler can fulfill various rolls in the community.

  • Visiting Care Homes, Hospitals and Hospices.  PAT Dogs can really help and comfort patients .
  • Read2Dogs.  Reading to a canine friend can help special needs pupils, or others just struggling with reading, build their confidence .
  • Helping children with severe dog phobias.  Becoming used to a calm dog can reassure the children that a dog can be a friend, not something to be afraid of