Obedience Classes & Times

The Society currently runs classes on Wednesday evenings.  The classes will be no more than  5 dogs to and an instructor.  That means that there will be parallel classes.  Dogs in all classes work towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards - Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold.  People and dogs progress through the classes at different rates so don't be despondent if someone who started at the same time as you seems to get on faster than you, they might have done it before or they might have an older or easier dog.  Also, don't worry if you have to miss the odd class, just keep practising at home and come back when you can.

If you are new to obedience training, you will find some helpful advice and preliminary exercises on our Starting Obedience Training page.


We are currently training outdoors in small groups due to Covid rules and all classes start at 6.30pm. 

New members welcome but you must prebook as we need to have your contact details.

The following enrolment form can still be used. You can also just email your details as listed on the form.


Information is still valid apart from all classes starting at 6.30pm. Please wear a mask when making your contactless payments.

Please park on the hard standing by the east doors. Training will be on the grass. Only one person per dog and no spectators. Please bring everything you need for your class in pockets, small backpack, bum bag or cross body bag. No sharing of equipment or treats. Hand sanitizer available but best to have your own.

In the event of very bad weather please check if classes are running. Showers or drizzle won't affect classes.


New times will be posted as required.


Obedience Class Times.   Wednesday Evenings

 Class 1. Intake Class incorporating Kennel Club Puppy Foundation - 6.30 to 7.15pm
Instructor: Barbara Ward with Annette Coales

Class 2. Incorporating Bronze Class - 6.30 to 7.30pm
Instructor: Carita Hills                  

Class 3.  Incorporating Silver/Gold Class - 6.30 to 7.30pm
Instructor: Jon Jones
Ringcraft will start at 7.15pm so it is possible to join in after your obedience class.
We have several Instructors available for each class so the above is just for guidance.
Other Assistant Instructors or Stewards will help as required.
Instructors may vary due to work, holidays and other committments.