Show Training – Ringcraft

Junior Handlers Are Encouraged!Ringcraft is for people who wish to show their dogs.  Oundle and District Dog Training Society Ringcraft welcomes novice and experienced handlers alike. Special consideration is also given junior handlers.  Many champions have taken their first steps to stardom at ODDTS.

Puppies and dogs are welcome at any age but they must be fully vaccinated with conventional vaccines and vaccination certificates must be produced. Owners need to be members of the Society to train their dogs.

The arena is large and the flooring is silica sand with fibre, it is rolled before training sessions. The material is not clogging and does not affect coats in any way. It is far superior to any similar surface you might find at shows. The large size of the ring and the surface make it ideal for even the largest dog to move to advantage.  In spring and summer we aim to hold classes outside on the grassy paddocks.  The grass is well mown, ideal for all dogs.

A ringcraft session usually starts with dogs standing as they would at the beginning of a class at a show and moving around together.  Socialisation is also a feature because dogs need to be used to walking amongst other dogs and people at shows.

The instructors and assistants then ‘go over’ the dogs individually as the judge would in a class at a show. The dogs are asked to move as they would in the show ring.  At every stage advice is given to the handlers to help the dogs show to advantage.  We are currently requesting the use of masks and asking the exhibitors to show their dogs teeth  (we can show you how to do that too).

If a member is new to judging and has an appointment coming up we also allow them to ‘go over’ a few dogs with the owners’ permission.
Junior handlers often want to practise the advanced exercises they are required to perform in the show ring, the trainers are more than willing to give them the opportunity.

We like to hear about ODDTS members’ dogs’ successes in the show ring and we have various cups to present at the Annual General Meeting.  We ask that members submit slips with their dog’s wins and these wins count towards the trophies.  We also possesses a wonderful Awards Book.  The names of trophy winners and their dogs are entered annually by a calligrapher and the book will be kept in perpetuity.

From ringcraft beginner ....

Golden Retriever ringcraft

To winner!

Golden Retriever with rosette